Lab Waste

Laboratory Waste

“Lab” or Laboratory Waste is a specimen or culture discarded in the course of dental, medical or veterinary practice or research.

This includes wastes contaminated by genetically manipulated material or imported biological material.

Laboratory waste also includes cultures and stocks of infectious agents and associated biologicals, cultures and stocks from medical, research or pathological laboratories, wastes from the production of biologicals, discarded live or attenuated vaccines or culture dishes, and devices used to transfer, inoculate or mix cultures.

Lab Waste

All of our lab wastes are EPA waste tracked and disposed under the correct EPA guidelines for each individual state after a manifest has been supplied by the customer.

We offer a complete waste disposal service.

From hazardous waste disposal to chemical, liquid and general waste disposal & destruction, we offer a full range of disposal services in Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne.

Reliable service at competitive rates.

We're there when you need us, ensuring your disposal needs are met promptly and reliably without breaking your budget.

No long-term contracts. As needed service.

We can service your needs one job at a time or via mutually convenient agreements, but we won't lock you into long-term contracts. Leave at any time.

Lab Cultures

Culture and Lab Waste

Cultures and stocks refer to systems that are used to grow and maintain infectious agents in vitro.

Culture dishes and devices used to transfer, inoculate or mix cultures refers to items that have come into contact with high concentrations of infectious agents and may include:

  • Plastic Plates
  • Glass Plates
  • Vials
  • Beakers

Aswell as other materials used to clean and disinfect items.

Universities and School Laboratory Waste

We specialize in Universities and School laboratory waste collection and disposal service.

Whether you generate enough chemicals for one Lab pack per year or have
multiple laboratories / locations in need of regular service.

Considering a Lab pack may be the solution for you.

Lab Waste

“Know More waste offers complete hazardous, chemical, liquid and general waste disposal solutions in Queensland, Sydney & Melbourne. Talk to us today about your disposal requirements.”

We specialise in

Hazardous Waste Disposal
Our extensive range of waste management methods cater to a wide range of industry sectors. Through our Total Waste Solution services we can offer you peace of mind knowing that your wastes are being managed in a safe environmentally friendly manner. We provide client specific solutions, responding to industry challenges.
Chemical Waste Disposal

Our contractors hold current Dangerous Goods licenses and our vehicles are licensed to transport dangerous goods. Know More Waste contractors have a QLD, NSW and VIC EPA Regulated Waste Transport License and drive Dangerous goods approved vehicles and can supply Electronic waste tracking documentation for all chemical and regulated waste types. We also offer a 24 hour emergency call out for emergencies and spills and have a chemist at hand to sort out any specific technical requirements.

Product Destruction

Protect your brand and information compliant of business with services such as document destruction, product destruction, data destruction, e-waste removal, as well as office clean-ups. Not only do we destroy your product we also value add to the product where possible, if certain waste streams contain plastic and metal components we will recycle where possible keeping your cost down.

General Waste

We supply general waste front lift industrial bins or rear lift wheelie bins for commercial and industrial requirements. Large compactors and bulk bins can also be supplied to meet specialised customer needs. We offer cardboard paper and plastic front lift industrial cages or rear lift wheelie bins for commercial and industrial requirements. Large cages can also be supplied to meet specialised customer requirements. We can also arrange large skips and open bins for larger jobs.

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